Nova Scotia Celebrates Terra Madre Day with an Ark of Taste Dinner


Slow Food Nova Scotia celebrated 2014’s Terra Madre Day with a joyous dinner celebrating Ark of Taste Foods at Lion and Bright in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 10th. Co-Leader of SFNS Sean Gallagher, proprietor of L&B, welcomed dozens of Slow Food members for a four course meal which included … [Read more...]

Let’s talk Bison


By Jennifer Bain, author of Buffalo Girl Cooks Bison So is it bison or buffalo, people always ask me. I don’t blame them for being confused about North America’s original red meat. Buffalo is the romantic name, the one that conjures up images of majestic animals with shaggy brown coats and … [Read more...]

Reflections on Terra Madre

Reflections on Terra Madre- Canadian team (Large)

Amanda Koyama, Calgary convivium “Terra Madre is a way of giving a voice and a face to people engaged in producing food in their own geographical and social realities” (Carlo Petrini) I could tell you that “Terra Madre brings together those players in the food chain who together support … [Read more...]

Terra Madre: A Tidal Wave of Inspiration


From Megan Giffen, Toronto Convivium I began my Salone Del Gusto Terra Madre journey filled with excitement, a sense of nervousness and anxiety. I was excited to try new flavours and meet like minded people, nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and anxious that I hadn’t done enough or … [Read more...]

Thanking Mara Jernigan at Terra Madre

Mara Jernigan

- By Brooke Fader While in Turin, Italy for Terra Madre 2014, Slow Food in Canada hosted its very own meeting for Canadian members from all over the country to discuss about the future of the organization. The Canada Meeting at Terra Madre was also an opportunity to thank a founding member … [Read more...]

Slow Food Concludes a Successful 2014 Edition of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

(Cut from the Official International Press Release sent by Slow Food International) The international Salone del Gusto event, organized in part by Slow Food International, was back to Turin, Italy, this year in its 10th edition. Dedicated to the world of food, Salone del Gusto was once more … [Read more...]