2013 Food Heroes

In 2013, as part of the 7th National Meeting of Slow Food in Canada, the Canadian convivia network recognized the following people:

Marie Nightingale (Maritimes) — author

For the outstanding contribution of this author to the documentation and promotion of food heritage of Nova Scotia and its people. Ms. Nightingale started her work with the publication of “Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens”, that originally came out in 1970 and her subsequent columns about food in different media. The work of Ms. Nightingale helped to ensure a transfer of know-how relating to regional daily cuisine as well as home remedies in addition to inspiring a new generation of chefs and cooks.

André Auclair (Québec) – Farmer and activist

For the lifetime commitment to the protection and the conservation of biodiversity from this farmer and activist. Mr. Auclair carried many fights since the ’70s, whether the work leading to the adoption of the Law on the agricultural heritage breeds of Quebec in 1999, or the work to safeguard the Canadian cow and Chantecler chicken in early 2000. Mr. Auclair has intervened repeatedly to preserve our agricultural heritage.

Vickis Veggies (Ontario) – Farmers

For the commitment of these producers to supply vegetables and diverse heritage varieties to the population of Prince Edward County while educating people on the importance of healthy eating. In addition to being the first farm of the region to offer community supported agriculture (CSA) baskets, they are committed to food producing with respect for the environment well beyond organic certification. Finally, they communicate their message in an impressive number of organizations, including National Farmers Union and Seeds of diversity.

Kevin Kossowan (Prairies) – Activist and educator

For beign the living demonstration – done by M. Kossovan and his family – that it is possible to live by the principles of Slow Food in both personal and professional life despite our Canadian society today. Kevin produces or hunts most of his food and live in a suburb of Edmonton. He also operates three companies: Lactuca, an urban farm; Shovel & Fork, food processing workshops; and Story Chaser, a company producing educational video on food culture.

Cory Pelan (British Columbia) – Chef and butcher

For his long standing commitment to promote and improve the links between producers and consumers in the greater Victoria area, through his work as a leader and now as a charcuterer, but also by his involvement in Island Chef’s Collaborative.
Mr. Pelan is a strong supporter of local supply and thereby preserves that heritage breeds and varieties specific to Vancouver Island using them in his charcuteries.